So you’ve selected the best frame for your print, photo, art work or sporting memorabilia.  We’ve completed the order and now all you have to do is hang it.

When it comes to hanging a frame there are many different products available but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  This article highlights different hardware you can use to hang your frame. Top Frames will provide you advice for your needs.  One thing to remember is that using only a screw or nail driven into the wall is not ideal for holding your frame and may cause damage to your frame and artwork.

For the elegant art gallery look we suggest a picture rail system.  This system suspends a picture hook from the track (sometimes called the rail) attached near the cornice of wall, allowing you to set your frame at any hanger diagrampoint on the wall.  It means no more nails in the walls, plus you will be amazed how quickly you can adjust it to your changing needs.

We stock two brands of hanging systems: one produced by Gallery Systems and another by Artiteq.

One advantage of the hanging systems is that it can be installed on any wall, whether masonry, plaster or timber. Other hardware options are often specific to the type of wall.  We stock a limited supply of general picture hangers but will help find the right one for you.

The flexibility of the gallery style hanging system is its major advantage.  Whether you have a new picture or want to rotate the art works you already own, you can make changes without having to put another hole in your wall.

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